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UDJA By-Laws

Utah Dance Judges Association By-Laws

Article 1- Name
The name of the association shall be Utah Dance Judges Association

Article II- Purpose

  1. Maintain a qualified board whose goals are to preserve, enhance and perpetuate professional dance

    judges for competitive dance events, and oversee the business and image of the association.

  2. Provide training, practicums, and evaluations for judges of all levels who are devoted to the

    processional development and individual improvement of judging techniques.

  3. Provide a directory of registered judges who are available for judging at local, regional and national

    competitions including private studio events.

  4. Create an atmosphere of education, communication, fellowship and consistency for judges,

    competition directors, teachers, coaches, dancers, and parents.

Article III- Memberships
Membership will consist of and be open to those who are interested in additional training and development

of professionalism as a dance judge, and who are willing to abide by the terms of the by-laws.

Article IV- Requirements of Membership

  1. Members are expected to conduct themselves professionally at all times. This includes courtesy and

    respect for one another.

  2. Members must attend the workshop/training each year,

  3. Members must:

    • ●  Possess a working knowledge of the various dance forms, dance terminology, choreography, techniques, execution, and showmanship

    • ●  Seek education and training in the art of judging

    • ●  Have a positive attitude

    • ●  Be a high school graduate

    • ●  Be professional in manner, dress and behavior

    • ●  Be objective, fair, and consistent

    • ●  Be in compliance with the UHSAA drill team judging ranking system requirements and participate in the UDJA mentoring program

    • ●  Understand that each member will be evaluated

      Article V- Dues
      Association dues shall be $30.00 per year. Membership goes from October-October. Registrations will

      open July 1 and go through November, payments will be received through Venmo (UDJA-UDJA2018), check or cash. The fee includes a training workshop, listing in the directory, newsletter, networking, and website. UHSAA coaches will be able to attend workshops free.

Article VI- Forfeiture of Membership
The membership of any member may be forfeited upon the occurrence of any of the following

a. b. c.



The resignation of the member
Failure of member to pay dues
The release of the member based upon the good faith determination by the Executive board that the member has failed in a material and serious degree to observe the regulation, or has engaged in conduct materially and seriously prejudicial to the purpose and interests of the Association
Procedure of forfeiture- If the grounds appear to exist for the release of a member, the procedure set forth below shall be followed:
The member shall be given 15 days prior notice of the proposed release. Notice shall be given any method reasonably calculated to provide actual notice, any notice given by mail shall be sent by registered mail to the members last address as shown on the association's records.
The member shall be given an opportunity to be heard, either orally or in writing, at least five days before the effective date of the proposed release. The hearing shall be held, or the written statement considered, by the Executive Board or by a committee authorized by the Executive Board, to determine where the release should take place.

Executive Board

Article VII-
An Executive Board shall govern the Association. Board members shall serve a term of two years. Members

of the Executive Board shall be active UDJA members 1. The Executive Board will consist of the following:

a. President
b. President-Elect- three year active member
c. Past President
d. Administrative/Membership Secretary- Two year active member
e. Financial Administrator- Two year active member
f. Public Relations Administrator- Two year active member
g. Professional Development Administrator- Two year active member
h. Area Representatives: North, Wasatch, Central, and Southern-Two year active member

Executive Board officers descriptions:


  • ●  Attend all UHSAA meetings

  • ●  Assist with UHSAA with planning for UDJA workshop/training clinic

  • ●  Assist with reviewing recommendations for state drill team judges

  • ●  Plan UDJA workshop

  • ●  Plan and schedule UDJA executive board meetings

  • ●  Prepare agenda for board meetings

  • ●  Send follow up email regarding minutes from board meeting

  • ●  Preside over UDJA executive board meetings

  • ●  Present UDJA judge of the year award at the state drill championship

■ (Get plaque, gift certificate, and card)

  • ●  Attend UDJA workshops

  • ●  Maintains UDJA website/updates

● Mentoring new judges

President Elect

  • ●  Attend all UHSAA Meetings

  • ●  Assist with UHSAA with planning for fall drill team clinic

  • ●  Assist with reviewing recommendations for state drill team judges

  • ●  Attend all UDJA Executive Board Meetings

  • ●  Coordinates all communication and responsibilities of the area representatives

  • ●  Plan UDJA workshop

  • ●  Attend UDJA workshop

  • ●  Oversees the mentoring program with assistance from professional development

  • ●  Works with vendor to get UDJA items designed and ordered

  • ●  Prepares and track order form for UDJA items

  • ●  Maintains UDJA website/updates

  • ●  Mentor to new judges that are assigned to them

    Past President

  • ●  Attend all UDJA Executive Board Meetings

  • ●  Plan UDJA workshop

  • ●  Attend UDJA workshop

  • ●  Assist with UHSAA with planning for fall drill team clinic

  • ●  Assist with reviewing recommendations for State Judges

  • ●  Maintain UDJA website and updates

  • ●  Mentor to new judges that will be assigned to them

    Administrative/Membership Secretary

  • ●  Maintain current records of UDJA membership

    • ○  Create spreadsheet with member info

    • ○  Monitor active/inactive memberships

    • ○  Tracks attendance at workshops

    • ○  Track payments

  • ●  Prepare/Create online registration form

  • ●  Assist at UHSAA clinic and UDJA workshop for registration

  • ●  Email members updates, job opportunities and important information

  • ●  Attend UDJA executive board meetings

  • ●  Attends workshops

  • ●  Check email for UDJA

  • ●  Maintains the UDJA registration box/easels/posters

  • ●  Email competition directors current UDJA member list

  • ●  Send out updates to members

  • ●  Mentor to new judges that will be assigned to them

    Financial Administrator

    • ●  Collect payments for registration

    • ●  Collect payments for UDJA items

    • ●  Create spreadsheet of payment for records

    • ●  Email copy of spreadsheet of payment to Administrative Vice President

    • ●  Make deposits

    • ●  Attend UHSAA fall clinic and assist with payments/registration

    • ●  Attend UDJA workshops and assist with payment/registration


  • ●  Attend UDJA Executive Board Meetings

  • ●  Prepare thank you notes & payment for guest presenters

  • ●  Reimbursement

  • ●  Taxes

  • ●  Mentor to new judges that will be assigned to them

    Professional Development Administrator

  • ●  Assist with planning UDJA workshops

  • ●  Attend UDJA workshops

  • ●  Attend UDJA executive board meetings

  • ●  Assist with scheduling presenters for UDJA workshops

  • ●  Communicate with presenters to get workshop notes printed and ready for workshop

  • ●  Assist with mentoring program

  • ●  Setting up workshop design and décor

  • ●  UDJA newsletter

  • ●  Mentor to new judges that will be assigned to them

    Public Relations Administrator

  • ●  Create flyer advertisement for UDJA workshop

  • ●  Email flyer to President and administration/membership secretary to send out for


  • ●  Assist with planning UDJA workshop

  • ●  Attend UDJA workshop

  • ●  Help mentor new UDJA members

  • ●  Work with area representatives to get information out to colleges, dance teams, coaches,


  • ●  Help with posting on the UDJA facebook

  • ●  Take pictures at events to post on facebook and website

  • ●  Mentor to new judges that will be assigned to them

    Area Representatives
    *Northern – Logan to Layton (Box Elder, Cache, Rich, Weber, Morgan)
    *Wasatch – Davis to Riverton (Davis, Tooele, Salt Lake, Summit)
    *Central – Lehi to Uintah (Utah, Wasatch, Duchesne, Daggett, Uintah, Juab, Sanpete, Carbon) *Southern – Millard to St. George (Millard, Sevier, Emery, Grand, Beaver, Piute, Wayne, Iron, Garfield, San Juan, Kane, Washington)

  • ●  Assist with planning UDJA workshops

  • ●  Attend executive board meetings

  • ●  Assist with execution for UDJA workshops

  • ●  Assist with public relations administrator in getting information out to their area

  • ●  Area representatives order/arrange catering for food UDJA workshops

  • ●  Work with schools, studios, competition directors and association members in area over

    which they are appointed as a communicator and liaison

  • ●  Meet with members in their respective areas

  • ●  Mentor to new judges that will be assigned to them

    Elections Even years (2020, 2022, 2024, etc.)

    • ●  President Elect

    • ●  Administrative/Membership Secretary

    • ●  Financial Administrator

    • ●  Professional Development Administrator


● Area Representatives ■ Central
■ Southern

○ Odd years (2021, 2023, 2025, etc.)

  • ●  Public Relations Administrator

  • ●  Area Representatives

  • Northern

  • Wasatch

    Article VIII- General Board

1. The President appoints from the membership persons to perform specific functions, and may appoint

additional committee members from the membership as needed. The committee members will work

with the Executive Board member assigned to oversee the committee. Article IX- Meetings

Meetings shall be held in the fall annually by all members whether in person or online.

Article X- Elections and Voting

  1. Each member shall be entitled to one vote

  2. Nomination shall be accepted the first weeks of September from the General Membership

  3. Voting for Executive Board nominations will take place the last week in September by all current

    members. New Board members will be announced at the annual workshop."The President,

    President-Elect and or the Past President will count and check all ballots.

  4. A majority of the votes is required to win an election, and all other matters.

  5. In the event of a vacancy on the General Board, the Executive Board shall elect a new board member

  6. Any board member may be recalled, for cause by 3⁄4 majority vote of the membership

  7. For the purpose of conduction Association business, a quorum will consist of five of the eleven

    Executive Board members.


If you have any questions please contact us at:

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